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It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged a session, but this one was just too precious not to! I met the Oliver family as they were preparing for the birth of their first baby girl. We talked about doing my usual posed newborns, but in the end, decided to do a more lifestyle session. In a lifestyle session, we incorporate your life, your home, your loves. With baby Chancellor, we got to document her new world – her nursery, along with her parents gorgeous room. The images we created are just lovely – almost as lovely as it was to work with this family.

I was in awe of how perfect mom made baby C’s nursery. Every detail was devine. See those adorable little dresses? Those were moms when she was a baby! The pillows and blankets? Made by grandma! You can see the love for baby C before she was even here!


And the little Woodlawn Princess fits right in her kingdom. Wide-eyed and alert or taking a little nap, we loved spending time with Chancellor.


This new family of 3 (or 4) is beautiful inside and out and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to capture their first days.


I had the exciting opportunity to bring my two businesses together in documenting the celebration of LuLaRoe Turning 4!
As a photographer, my heart looks for ways to capture excitement in images to share. That’s why I invited fellow LuLaRoe consultants to join me in a 4th Birthday Cake Smash! A fun way to play and celebrate my favorite clothes and lifestyle!



It’s pretty exciting to be a part of the 4th year of this growing company. It’s hard to believe that they’ve only been in business for JUST 4 YEARS! LuLaRoe has built a family and culture that empowers families to grow – not only through meeting others and blessing others, but by giving financial success to everyone who brings this business to their hearts and homes. As LuLaRoe celebrates its 4th year, I want to share with you WHY LuLaRoe is a part of my life too!

Many years ago, I opened a foreign language and culture center to teach French and other languages to those in our area, “Parlez-Vous Foreign Language and Culture Center” was open for 5 years and I was able to share my love of French to 100’s of students of all ages.  Despite its closing in 2009, I continue to teach French in the public schools. As my family grew, so did my passion for photography. I have been behind a camera most of my life but in 2013, I opened “Parlez-Vous Photography”. This was a way to bridge my love of French with my love of photography, while still being with my family. Parlez-Vous Photography continues to grow and will for many years to come.

In May of 2016, I was a mom of 3 crazy boys, just finishing a year of teaching and entering into a busy Spring photography schedule when I was introduced to my first pair of LLR leggings. They were magical. My first LLR purchase was two pair of leggings and a Classic T. That’s all it took. Trying on each style, I felt great. I felt beautiful. I felt thin, despite going through some personal issues with my body and size after having my three kids. I was in awe about how just some simple clothes could be so simply comfortable that they could change my life. And that’s just what they did. In Summer of 2016 I made the decision to become a LLR fashion consultant. I still teach. I still am a photographer. I still am a GREAT mom. And now, I get to let other women feel the same way I did with my first LLR purchase.

Adding this business to my already crazy life wasn’t easy. It takes work after working a long day. It takes energy and creativity. It takes business sense and goals. It takes a lot. But, it Gives too! It GIVES me happiness when customers try stuff on something that makes them happy. It GIVES confidence in women who havent found it in other places. It GIVES friendships as I’ve reconnected with old friends and made new ones. It GIVES financial assistance in supporting my family. It GIVES me time with my family. It GIVES me a lot!

It’s no surprise then when I asked my friends what my LuLaRoe group should be called, we all decided on “Parlez-Lu” to go with my “Parlez-Vous” because LuLaRoe isn’t a new life, its a part of my life!

Thank you for your support in Parlez-Vous Photography and Parlez-Lu{LaRoe}!

And Happy 4th Birthday LuLaRoe!

Rachael Nichols
LuLaRoe, Independent Fashion Consultant
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“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you” writes Walt Whitman, inspired by Sunflowers. Its quite a beautiful quote and thought. Live life always reaching forward and seeing the best. Don’t look back. Don’t dwell on the negative. Find what makes you smile. Find what makes you shine and shine on!!

I do love this quote. Just one tiny teeny problem. It’s not true for Sunflowers at Burnside Farms after all.

Folks, I can’t tell you the science because google has let me down, but I can tell you when we met the Hoff family at Burnside Farms, the rows and rows of Sunflowers were facing AWAY from the sun. Christian, dad, actually taught us all about how sunflowers counter intuitively reach away from the sun and among the beauty we saw this first hand. Regardless, it still was a beautiful place to be, and a stunning family to photograph.



I just loved these magazine worthy moments of mom and her not so baby, baby:)


The girls were really wonderful. It may have been hot, and we may have been in the direct sun most of the evening, but these little Sunflowers looked toward the sun and shined! And even when enough was enough, they still were pretty dang cute – and look how perfect mom and dad were in.every.picture.


Regardless of whether Walk Whitman was correct or incorrect about Sunflowers, he was spot on by saying, “Do anything, but let it produce joy”


As summer winds down, we captured the time with the Thackaberry Family at Burnsides Farms, Sunflower Fields! Amidst a sea of yellow, shined this family in coral and blue.





One thing that’s important to me for a family session is to give mom and dad a few minutes alone. We as parents spend so much time doing things with and for our family – these shots are an important reminder of the foundation of the family. Mom and Dad were a little hesitant, but MAN did they NAIL it!


And lastly, for those that have experienced a session with me and Jane, it’s only fitting to see her among Sunflowers, as she truly brings sunshine to each session – particularly with children. Jane is so wonderful at bringing out smiles from us all – her chance to share her own!


You know you have the perfect family when you can love your loving smiles AS MUCH AS funny family fun! Thanks Thackaberry’s for a wonderful afternoon!



Still some availabilities in September. Contact me for September specials and then….. Fall is upon us. Have your scheduled your Fall family sessions??

I fell in love with my camera in HS. I’ve been learning my skills since then, but I truly fell in love with photography as I see it now when I started to use my camera and skills to make tangible memories of my children. I continue to love photography and am so grateful to capture memories of here and now to hold for a lifetime for my clients, but I have to admit that I have started to do so less and less for my own family. That saddens me – and so I have made it a point to grab my camera more often and capture those daily moments to continue to gift my children with memories of OUR here and not to Hold for a lifetime.

Today, I ventured out with my three boys and my camera, to the Hair Salon for Back to School haircuts! A simple, boring, trip – documented to remember the day. Not a holiday. Not a birthday. Not an a Christmas card photo. Just a Pre-First-Day-of-School trip for haircuts. I loved all these moments captured. A promise myself, my family, and you, to do this more for our family!

Moms! Grab your camera phone or camera and capture these moments. These every day moments. You’ll love today so much more tomorrow with memories to look back on – for today we are making tomorrow’s memories! Each day holds its own unseen story – tell it.

My story today is our “before school starts” haircuts as the boys, all three, start a new school. The excitement of the unknown of this new school. The end of one chapter and the start of the next. And of course, the haircut – the very handsome boys in their new haircut!


And those times when you DO want to celebrate a holiday. a birthday. an annual family portrait. Please call me. I am honored to give you those memories of today, to hold forever.